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Lucy Recovery is a highly private and confidential NYC based agency providing sober coaching and recovery support for professionals. LR focuses on the strength, capabilities, talents and skills of each client to launch and keep them on the path of recovery. LR is dedicated to removing shame, stigmas and barriers that may impede a successful, happy and sober life.

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More than 23 million Americans in recovery from drug and alcohol related problems. LR is part of the national movement to empower those hindered by those problems through offering customized services such as: Sober Coaching, Sober Companionship, Sober Salon, and The SUCCESSion Program. Whether you are at the stage of contemplating a change to your drug or drinking habits or you are already sober, LR is here to guide and champion your recovery leading to long-term physical and emotional wellness. LR provides a flexible level of support and coaching from 24-hour in-home care to sober escorts on an hourly basis for appointments and meetings.  We work with individuals and companies who need our assistance. Lucy Recovery is not the place to find an AA sponsor, doctor, nurse, babysitter or therapist. Our staff is qualified recovery CARC coaches through CCAR & OASAS.


About Lucy

Lucy Rorech picked up her first cigarette butt from the pavement at age 8. She spent the next 30 years using alcohol, drugs and other crutches in the pursuit of relief. There was plenty of fun along the way, however, at some point a line was crossed. “I came to find that when I tried to control my drinking I didn’t enjoy it and when I enjoyed drinking, I couldn’t control it. Alcohol was no longer working for me.” In September 2013 she attended her first AA meeting and has not had a drink or touched a drug since. “This was my path, others may look very different. I won’t sugar coat it; it begins as an arduous journey, but one step at a time life blossoms.” Lucy resides in Brooklyn with her husband, three children, and their dog Snoopy.  She never misses an opportunity to take a yoga class, drink a cup of Earl Grey tea, or see her favorite bands in concert.

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Our goal at LR is to assist our clients as they consider the implications of their situation and empower them to become stakeholders in the life they are meant to lead.

“I hadn’t connected the idea that it was alcohol that made me desensitized and ungrateful, it had homogenized my life.”



Drowning your sorrows doesn’t banish them, it only teaches them how to swim. Many believe that alcohol relieves stress and makes them “fun.” Others drink alone hoping that alcohol will numb their pain. They are under the false pretense that alcohol is a solution rather than a problem. Doing “dry” January doesn’t prove that you’re in control of your alcohol intake and in fact causes many people to drink to excess in December and then binge come February. Pure abstinence is only a Band Aid because wanting something you can’t have will leave you feeling grumpy and punished. I was married, had plenty of friends, and was employed and materially successful yet sometimes I felt flat, lonely, and hopeless. True happiness began to elude me. I hadn’t connected the idea that it was alcohol that made me desensitized and ungrateful, it had homogenized my life. I never drank in the morning and didn’t drink every day but what I hadn’t realized was that any kind of regular drinking cumulatively affects dopamine’s impact on the reward circuit of the brain and that person’s ability to experience any pleasure is reduced.



There are all sorts of questionnaires online that you can take to determine whether drinking and taking drugs has become problematic for you. They will likely label you an alcoholic or addict, both terms that carry stigma and negativity. Many will run from these labels and consequently, not get help. Alcoholism isn’t defined by how much or how often you drink but how drinking and its after-effects make you feel.  You make think that it is bringing you pleasure and relief and certainly that is how society “brands” drinking. The idea of giving it up is terrifying and can make you feel you’ll be isolated from everyone and never again have fun. We encourage you to put fear and shame aside. If alcohol and/or drugs are costing you relationships and robbing you of money, health, and peace it’s time to consider taking sobriety “for a test drive.” It’s not easy; it takes a of lot courage to take the first step. We will be there to support you.

“Success is not an event, it is a process.”



Oftentimes we hesitate to take action because we can’t predict just how the consequences will unfold.  Recovery isn’t just about abstaining from alcohol and drugs. It’s about undoing a lifetime of ingrained beliefs and pushing through the negative thoughts to turn away from harmful habits. We do this by implementing bite sized changes in small increments of time that, when practiced over and over add up to major advances. Most importantly, we begin by meeting you where you are, identifying where you want to be, then helping you get there in small increments. The opposite of addiction is connection, begin by picking up the phone or sending an email. Fear is temporary… let go of regret, there’s nothing there for you, it’s time to recapture your spirit.

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Sober Companion


For those contemplating or preparing to change their life, a sober companion will help you to find the right path and then walk it. We do this by crafting a plan of action, which addresses your needs and may or may not include detox or other treatment types. Lifestyle, environment, community building, emotional fitness and other facets of wellness will be discussed. Together we’ll create a routine of healthy thoughts and actions that will set the foundations for initial and sustained recovery and then, side-by-side, we will put them into action.

Sober Escort


Our coaches have lots of experience accompanying their clients to events or on trips that might be triggering. The first plane ride, the first tailgate, and the first charity gala – these are all events that can seem daunting and impassable without a drink in hand. Get through each event once and you’ll have a “sober reference” so that it won’t feel so overwhelming next time. Soon you’ll be breezing through life and enjoying experiences without the admission price of shame, embarrassment and a dreadful hangover.

Sober Coaching


For those who want to cultivate a full and rewarding life and practice the skills to prevent relapse, our accredited coaches will assist in establishing healthy habits and long-term self-care rituals. A sober coach aims to be actively involved in the life of a recoveree acting as a combination counselor, example, friend and coach.  We will identify potential dangers before they arise. We will help set realistic goals and share concerns around how to deal with life’s ups and downs and we will develop a network of positive people who will support your recovery.

SUCCESSion: A Post Treatment Intensive


This plan begins with the Coach accompanying his/her client home from a treatment centre thus acting as a bridge between that facility and the “real world.” We will then spend 2 weeks setting you up for long term success using tried and tested tools that will increase your odds of remaining sober.  By collaborating on a plan that includes an appropriate team of “stakeholders” e.g. loved ones and Doctors we will set goals that will be measurable realistic and offer the strategies to achieve them. Preparing your living environment for optimum wellness (health, sleep, fitness, diet, finances etc..) is critical at this time and will be addressed. We will be there to respond to negative thinking, answer questions from friends and family and help address the issues of work and other stressors that may be waiting for you when you come home.

Sober Salons


For those who want to meet and connect with like-minded peers. An alternative or addition to 12 Step or other established meetings set in inviting atmospheres as restaurants, private clubs, and private homes. Each event will explore recovery strategies, resources, products and services. Designed to enhance your recovery by being fun and inspirational with a modern approach to staying sober.


Word’s of Wisdom

I Choose…

When people say that they feel bad for me that I’m not able to drink, I remind them that I can drink as much as I want to do but today I choose not to.

The Deficiency Lie

The Deficiency Lie: Do you wake up and say to yourself, I didn’t get enough sleep…? There’s not enough time in the day for me to get things done…? I’m not smart/pretty/thin/cool enough…? The fear that rests deep inside of us, whispering to our subconscious mind that we simply don’t have or aren’t enough is a big lie.

Ashes Make Fertile Ground

When you’ve burnt down the barn, you realize the ashes are actually a fertile ground from which to develop and flourish. Bonus, you’ll be bathed in sunshine and moonlight!


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